Conversion Optimization

Some people are unsure by what is meant by the term “Conversion Optimization” and what it means for their business. Conversion Optimization is where SEO Armenia is able, whilst using our own individual successful system, to increase the number of leads and sales of your product and/or services without spending further money on attracting more traffic to your website whilst reducing the amount of visitors that leave without becoming a customer.

The higher the conversion rate, the higher your profits, because any money that you are paying for PPC advertising is paying for itself and more on top of that due to the conversions. If you have a low conversion rate it means that there are far too many potential customers slipping out without becoming a customer and this only create problems, so getting the conversion rate right is very important. Conversion Optimization is the process that compliments and is the next step on from Pay-Per-Click advertising, which is a service that we also supply for our clients.

Our dedicated and specialized SEO team is able to identify exactly where the problem lies, what the website’s weaknesses are, so that they are able to correct it using Conversion Optimization techniques that are unique to our company.  This unique stamp that SEO Armenia is able to place on all of our SEO work is all due o good old fashioned hard work that every member of our team is determined and dedicated to achieving. Using the latest in world class technology the team is able to combine their own researched findings with those discovered by the unique and individual software to create the best solution to your individual problem. We do not use generic software nor do we treat each customer’s websites the same. SEO Armenia prides itself in the fact that we treat every client as an individual starting from scratch and building up fact and figures for each individual website before acting upon any information we collect.

The Conversion Optimization team works closely with each website to find out exactly what will improve your conversion rate.  Changes to your landing page, shopping cart, graphics and even design will be taken into account. The website will be stripped down to the bare bone and put back together piece by piece until the solution can be found, that is how dedicated the Conversion Optimization team are when it comes to this part of the full SEO process.

As an SEO Armenia customer you will have access to our specialist team who in turn has access to our extensive database so that we are able to get the highest full service solution that is optimized specifically to you and your website. We will use information from our tests which include; website analytics, development, implementation, copywriting and design results. You will receive up to date reports on which variation of website or landing page changes provide you with the best results.