Pay-Per-Click Management

When considering increasing your revenue via your website whilst increasing the number of people taking a look at your site (traffic) it is good to remember that Pay-Per-Click advertising is a brilliant way to achieve this. But maintaining a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign can be difficult as it takes time to work out exactly which plan works for you. Working this out takes time and requires a lot of patience as you need to pay close attention to the trends and how the Pay-Per-Click system actually works.

Most companies when they decide to seek out a third party to handle their Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign do this because they have insufficient time to dedicate themselves to the task. Here at SEO Armenia we are able to take away the stress of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) time management. Our dedicated and highly trained team of PPC specialists spends their time studying and managing PPC systems on a daily basis. They are able to take away any reservations that you may have because with SEO Armenia you are in safe and experienced hands. You will be provided with regular updates on how your PPC campaign is becoming successful due to the PPC management team. You will be able to see and judge for yourself based on the before and after reports how we are able to help you in this matter successfully.  Our track record and succession of very satisfied customers speaks for itself.

The Pay-Per-Click management team uses a range of up-to-date sophisticated technology that monitors and collates analysis of the level of PPC advertising to be used. This unique system uses every part of our Pay-Per-Click management team’s profound experience to gain insights into how the PPC advertising works using management interfaces that are not available to the public or other companies advertising online, our system is unique.

PPC works by placing small advertisements for other like minded complementary companies either beside or above the search engine results. Google, Yahoo etc all use this system and it charges you every time your advert is clicked on hence Pay-Per-Click. The cost of each click varies and in general the greater the keyword you are utilizing the higher the cost per click.

Our Pay-Per-Click Management Team provides the following services:

  • PPC Campaign Plan – Researching the target audience for your niche product and/or service so that a defined list of suitable keywords can be collated together. The keywords are then sorted into groups so that advertisements for each group can be created. The adverts created are specifically designed to attract a certain audience which will take them to the corresponding web pages on your website.
  • Conversion Rates – The PPC team will study every inch of your website so that they can document the trends so they can create improved content etc which then allows for a higher conversion rate. We will also regulate your website usability and reduce any abandonment points.
  • PPC Management and Maintenance – ROI is important to us so we will be constantly watching and amending bids where and when needed to flow with the trends, we will also manage your advert content and the keywords used so that everything is always cost effective and relevant at all times. This stops any bidding wars that may occur and reduce any traffic hold ups.
  • ROI Reports and Tracking – As soon as your PPC advertising campaign begins, you will soon see fast and efficient results. Every single PPC advertising campaign is fully documented and tracked so that the reports are able to account for all of the campaign costs such as the number of clicks, how much those clicks have cost and the revenue generated from that. The conversion rates and order values are also covers which will allow you to see how much your ROI has acclimated.

Key Performance– When we begin a campaign, we create a completely defined plan that features goal features so that you are able to see how effective our Pay-Per-Click Management team has been.