Reputation Management

SEO Armenia is an industry leader that provides proven Reputation Management Services for businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals. In essence, we track our clients’ actions and other entities’ responses about those actions; report on those actions and responses; and react to that report in order to generate a feedback loop.

These days, Internet users hardly perform traditional background checks before buying products from websites – they simply search in Google. And if there are unresolved, embarrassing comments about you, your company or it’s services, they’d most likely move on the next site. That’s why you should use our reputation management services to protect your brand.

When Internet users search for your brand name or product or service on search engines, they tend to take the search results at face value and make their decisions based on the information at hand, even when it’s untrue or misleading. So, how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Well, that’s where SEO Armenia comes into play to deliver result-oriented reputation management services that make you the captain of your own reputation! These are the important points you need to consider:

  • Negative Web Content Hurts Online Reputation: The longer negative content about you lingers on other people’s websites and search results, the more people get to see it every day and the more bad reputation it brings to you. This sort of things can hurt the growth of your business or even damage your career or relationships with partners.
  • Some Cherished Customers Might Not Give You A Second Chance: The Internet is filled with millions of alternatives of your offerings, and hence, consumers generally tend to move on to competitors’ websites, if they have plausible reasons to question your brand’s reputation. If you allow this to happen to you, your online growth can be severely impeded.
  • Internet Users Hardly Forget: Once a published negative content is allowed to stay online, it slowly erodes the reputation of the brand in question. This consequently limits the company’s opportunities for progress.
  • Your Competitors Might Be Spoiling Your Name: It’s a very common phenomenon on the Internet today that increasing number of people approach to doing business as going war. If your website ranks better than your competitors’ sites and your business progresses more than their own, you might be a target of defamation. Some competitors might be tempted to start publishing negative content about your brand, without you knowing it. You don’t even need to do anything wrong before negative content about starts popping up on the Internet. The aim can be that if they can’t outrank you on SERPs, at least they can make Internet searchers to cast doubts about your brand and offerings. Will you allow your competitors to get away with this? That’s why you need Reputation Management from a company that has proven track records in the field!

Reputation Management – We Polish Your Brand

When you hire SEO Armenia to provide Result-oriented Reputation Management Services for you, we make it a duty to protect your site’s reputation, remove all negative comments about you, remove content that infringes on your copyright, including duplicate content published on other websites. Our ultimate goal is to make you look the best to your target audience.

Here Are What You’ll Get

  • We track your search engine rankings.
  • We track new websites that publish content related to your company or domain name.
  • We will control how you look to your target audience.
  • We define your brand’s online image.
  • We remove negative content about you.
  • We control what search engines display on their SERPs concerning you.
  • We help to enhance how your target audience sees you.
  • We file DMCA reports to take down websites that violate your trademarks or infringe your copyrights.

Misleading or inaccurate or negative content about you that appear on other websites creates a bad impression on those searching for you. We at SEO Armenia relentlessly strive to ensure our clients always look their best online.