Search Optimized Web Design

Our goal at SEO Armenia is to create sites that are user-friendly and appealing to both users and search engines. We make your website easy to identify by search engines and our designers work tirelessly to make sure your site is aesthetically pleasing to your visitors and effectively converts web traffic into paid customers. There are many ways we make this happen.

  • Brand and Logo Development: Making your brand superior to its competition brings more attention, breeds loyalty, and increases profits. Our specialists ensure that that your brand is positioned appropriately and is completely separate from your competition by making it memorable to potential clients.
  • User-Interface and Usability Design: We know that the design of your website must be very user-friendly. We go through a process to help you establish what you want your customers to reach on your site. We also evaluate what your clients want to see and what they have in mind before they visit your site. Our objective is to put your goals into your site in a way that will be friendly to your customer. We offer recommendations on organization and practice and apply the best practices to guide customers and potential customers to your site’s purpose.
  • Search-Friendly Web Design: We know how important it is that potential customers can find you via search engine. Our design professionals focus on search-engine friendly strategies that look great and help your site rank high in the search engines.
  • XHTML/CSS: We code, build and deploy revolutionary websites drawing from both proven and up and coming methodologies which consist of usability, compatibility, and search-engine optimization.
  • CMS (WordPress) Setup and Training: WordPress focuses on visuals, Web standards, and usability. We can help you get acquainted with WordPress for your publishing platform or blog. WordPress allows options when it comes to design and creates the best available user experience in a search-friendly way. Once you are trained, you will be able to quickly change or add content to keep customers returning and search engines ranking your site near the top.
  • Application Development/Integration: We have the ability to integrate many different types of software into your website. We can help you with whatever your unique business needs might be with an inventive and practical website.
  • Ecommerce (Shopping Cart) Implementation: Your clients expect a secure process to carry out business. We can aid in adding or improving your shopping cart so it is very secure, trackable, and convenient.
    Social Media App Development: With all of the social networking sites that people are now using, we can help you design applications, tools, games, and widgets for networking sites specific to your business or industry.
  • Content Development/Copywriting: A content policy is extremely important when you are creating a website. Our writers will assist you in producing new and exclusive content that will be relevant to your customers. The content will be professional and will deliver a clear optimum marketing message.
  • Website Maintenance: We will assist you in upgrading and augmenting your website’s functionality, design, and content over time to improve your key performance indicators. To foster repeat visitors and customers, it is crucial to keep your website interesting, updating content often, and keeping all facets of the site in working order.